Structure / Targeted Exhibits

RADIEXの構成/出展対象 Structure of RADIEX 2018 / Targeted Exhibits Radioactivity Measures Zone Radioactive-contaminated Waste Disposal Zone Nuclear Decommissioning Technology Zone General Zone Public Zone Reconstruction and Environmental Restoration Zone "Planning of towns with low carbon and resource circulation" Exhibitor's Presentation RADIEX 2018 Sympsium Visitors National & Local Governments Related Businesses Educational & Research Institutions Radioactive substance measurement device / Soil analyzer / Dosimeter & dose monitor / Area monitor / Radiation monitoring system / Dose display system / Survey meter / Personal exposure dosimeter / Fluorescent glass dosimeter / OSL dosimeter / Underwater radiation measurement device / Radiation measurement & analysis service ,etc. Decontamination agent such as Cesium absorbent / Radioactive substance filter / Contaminated soil decontamination technology / Volume reduction of radioactive-contaminated soil / Cesium separation & removal technology / High-pressure washing machine &device / Road decontamination system / Dustless decontamination system / Blasting decontamination device / Phytoremediation technology / Electrolytic polishing decontamination technology / Ultrasonic decontamination technology / Various shielding products and technologies / Protective clothing & mask for radioactivity / Cesium absorbent textile / Decontamination technology for farmland,green space and forest / Decontamination technology for lumber / Purification technology for seawater, river and lakes  ,etc. Contaminated water treatment technology & device / Technology & device related to decommissioning / Robotics, etc. Recycling technology for low-level contaminated waste/ Temporary storage container for contaminated waste/ Covering material/ Flexible container bag/ Capping & isolation technology by bentonite clay layer/ Consolidation process technology/ Radiation insulation & waterproof sheet/ Contaminated water treatment technology/ Incineration technology/ Solidifying agent/ Solidification & volume reduction technology for incineration ash/ Transportation management system & technology/ Intermediate storage facility/ Final disposal plant/ Construction safety management technology/ ICT utilization technology at the interim storage facility, etc. Decontamination and dismantling technologies/ Welding and dissecting technologies/ Radioactive waste disposal technologies/ Radioactive waste storage containers/ High concentration contaminated water disposal devices & technologies/ Remote-controlled vehicles & arms for dismantling/ Remote-controlled robots/ Remote-controlled measuring instruments/ Remote control status monitoring systems, etc. Zone for exhibitors having exhibition contents covering more than one from the three zones("Radioactivity Measures Zone","Radioactive-contaminated Waste Disposal Zone" and "Nuclear Decommissioning Technology Zone").  Reconstruction works such as restoration of infrastructure For supporting, special cooperation, or cooperative organizations. Books & Publishing businesses.
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