Objective of "RADIEX"

 It will soon be seven years since the accident happened at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. In terms of decontamination of the environmental radiation, while its advancement combined with the reconstruction projects in the areas where home-comings of residents are not yet possible is becoming a new issue, projects are progressing in parallel with the procuring of sites as the constructions of the interim storage facilities in the towns of both Okuma and Futaba in Fukushima prefecture have shifted into higher gear, and their completions and operations are much anticipated as soon as possible from the perspective of the 'reconstruction of Japan' as well. For that reason, the government and its affiliated organizations including the Ministry of Environment, local municipalities, and operators are working with concerted efforts, and their movements from now on are to be watched.

 While it is said that it would take 40 years to decommission the reactors of Fukushima Daiichi, in terms of the measures against contaminated water, the sub-drain plan has been implemented, and the frozen soil barrier to prevent water from entering into the reactor buildings has started operating. As regards the decommissions of the reactors, from now on, the removals of the debris, retrievals of nuclear fuels from the spent fuel pools, and the removals of fuel debris are to be conducted. In this decommissioning of reactors, use of robot technologies that Japan is strong in is considered to be indispensable, and in attempt to accelerate the operation, the International Collaborative Research Center on Decommissioning where the domestic and overseas specialists conduct basic studies such as behavior analyses of radioactive substances and analyses on the fuel debris has been created.

 As mentioned above, in terms of the movements in measures against the environmental radiation and the radioactive waste disposals and processing, they have entered the phase of the full-scale transfer of the removed soil of decontamination sites, and the detailed plans and the actual constructions of the interim storage facilities. In terms of the decommissioning of the reactors and the measures against the contaminated water at the Nuclear Power Plant, not only Fukushima, but also nationwide and worldwide efforts of human resource development and technological development are being strengthened.

 Responding to these movements, The Environmental News has set a theme for RADIEX2017(Environmental Radioactivity Measures & Radioactive waste Disposal International Exhibition) as "Acceleration of recovery by "Intermediate storage that proceed in earnest" and "Nuclear Decommissioning and measures of contaminated water".", and we will be focusing on the 'waste disposal/processing zone' centering on the constructions of the interim storage facilities that are seeing researches and developments of technologies to reduce volume and to reuse the waste, and at the same time, we will be exhibiting the solutions indispensable for safety assurance and reconstruction. Furthermore, we will newly create a 'Human Resource Development Corner' to help securing specialists of nuclear power safety, accident prevention, risk management and radiation.

 We would like to request your understanding of the objective of this exhibition and your participation.

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